Current Events and Festival Information for Bondi Beach

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Surfing and Swimming

There are surfing and swimming events all year round at Bondi Beach that attract competitors not only from all over Australia but some from overseas. These events not only challenge the individual but they prepare and develop the skills of future Surf Life Club members. Feel like a Challenge? Want to push yourself to the limit?

Photo Courtesy of Roger Sandall

Arts and Culture

Bondi has a rich heritage of aboriginal culture, check out the Aboriginal Art at Ben Buckler, present Beach residents have developed a strong Arts community in the continuing years, local artists are now able to exhibit their work at various events throughout the calendar year, this can range from short film festivals like 'Flickerfest' or outdoor art exhibitions like 'Sculptures by the Sea'

Paddington Markets

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Gawley

Community Events

Bondi Beach is a close knit community and lots of residents contribute to various events throughout the year, these range from environmental events to kite flying festivals such as 'Environment Day and 'Festival of the Winds'.

Bondi Markets are held every Sunday at the Public School and are well worth a visit if you want to pick up a bargain.

Check out my map of Bondi for the exact location

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