Interesting facts about Bondi from tv series to apple mac PC's

Here are some fascinating facts!

  • Bondi was used by apple for the name of one of the colours that imac G3 came in. 'Bondi blue' is believed to been inspired by the colour of the Sea at Bondi beach.

  • The 1959 film version of Summer of the Seventeenth Doll a play by Ray Lawler was shot on part location on Bondi Beach and featured the famous Iceberg's Club.

  • Smoking is banned on the beach because of the non-biodegradable qualities of cigarettes, smoking is still permitted on the concrete promenade though.

  • Bondi holds the record for the largest swimsuit photo shoot ever. In September 2007, 1010 bikini-clad took part in a cosmopolitan magazine shoot on Bondi beach.

  • Bondi Rescue is a reality TV program entering its third series. It has introduced us to the dramatic world of the Bondi Lifeguards and their day to day patrols and rescues on the beach.

  • The name BONDI is being used by the mobile phone industry in a new initiative to standardise mobile phone technology. Why BONDI? Because like the Australian beach, OMTP wants mobile customers to have the greatest surfing experience whilst making the experience as safe as possible. “It’s safe to surf”

  • The Bondi Surf Bathers' Life Saving Club was founded on Bondi Beach February 1907 making it the oldest, established, Surf Life Saving Club in the world.

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