Top Tips for finding jobs during your working holiday

So, you need to look for some jobs, how do you go about finding work to supplement your travels, what options are available for a backpacker.

Do you want to work in an familiar office environment? Fruit Pick in rural Australia? Follow the tips on this page and you are sure to find work. These tips will definitely help you on the way.

  • Apply for a Tax File Number - in order to work in Australia you will need a TFN (Tax File Number), you will not get employment without one. If you don’t have a Tax File Number you will be taxed the emergency rate of 48.5% on your income instead of a tax rate between 15 – 30%. You'll also need a Australian address and need to be in the country. TFN's can take up to 4 weeks to be issued. Apply online here.

  • Bring Shirt and Tie - Dont forget to pack a shirt, tie and a pair of smart trousers if you are gonna look for work in an office, employers are always impressed by those who look smart, it send out a good impression.

  • CV - Bring and update your CV before you leave, this sounds obvious but you'll save yourself loads of hassle if you prepare before you leave.

  • Register with Recruitment Agencies - this is a great way to get temporary employment, recruitment agencies cater for temp office jobs, warehouse jobs and some even specialize in fruit picking or harvesting. Spend a few days making appointments, even if you dont plan to work for a few months, once your registered let them know your availability, if you've arrived back from the east coast let them know you're back in town and ready to work.

  • Practice typing words per minute - lots of recruitment agencies will run standard words per minute tests as part of the registration process. Get some practice in at home before you leave and be one step ahead of the rest.

  • Send CV in Advance - circulate your CV with a covering letter to employers and recruitment agencies in advance.

  • Email, register online before you leave - register on line with as many employment resources as possible before you leave. Means more time to enjoy your holiday, put your CV up on gumtree, check out local papers and apply to ads.

  • Getting work from a hostel - check out the notice boards at the hostel you're staying at, you might be able to pick up some work, chat with fellow travellers and see they can point you in the right direction. See you can can work at the hostel for free accommodation - its worth a try!

  • Arrive early at recruitment agency - this is some great advice you shouldn't pass up. Turn up at recruitment agencies first thing in the morning, you'll definitely be able to pick up 'a days yakka' due to other travellers not showing for work and employers still requiring help. This point can be emphasised enough, if you stuck for cash this is the way to go. You'll get repeat work out of this as consultants know you're keen.

  • Dont Give Up! - always keep trying and exhaust all options, remember earning money leads to good times! There are plenty of temporary jobs in Australia waiting to be filled.

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