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Bondi Property

Bondi Beach Real Estate is geared for buyers and travelers of all budgets. There are 4 to 5-star hotels like the Swiss Grand, mid range hotels and Hostels for our Budget Travelers, or if you're lucky cliff side resorts (ask the Bondi Caveman). Tourist's from all ranges can benefit from eye-catching ocean views and plan their perfect holiday in stunning surroundings.

If you're looking to buy a beach side pad or a family home there are plenty of options available for your budget, however be prepared to pay a premium as Bondi is a most sought after suburb.

Bondi Beach Apartment

At the moment homes for sale in Bondi are ranging from AU$210,000 for a one bedroom beach side pad to AU3.5 million for Villa-style Beach front apartment. Property in Sydney is booming at the moment and the market is still looking strong according to Housing Industry Association. Obviously a booming market is benefiting the seller at the moment but with the global credit crunch affecting other areas of the globe it might be better to sit tight.

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Overseas Investors

If you are not a citizen or permanent resident of Australia then you'll need to be granted permission from the Foreign Investment Review Board before you buy or invest in you're dream home.

Overseas real estate investors should also be aware that a lot of property in Sydney is sold at Auction, so you'll need to be in the country at the time or have someone acting on your behalf. The successful bidder at an auction will also have to pay a 10% deposit on the day.

Stamp Duty and Land Transfer Registration charges will also have to be paid on top of the Purchase Price.

Stamp Duty - charged at upwards of 2% of the purchase price. First time buyers who do not pay Stamp Duty.

Land Transfer Registration - Again a variable charge often set anywhere up to 0.5% of the purchase price.

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