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Surf Bondi - Its the beach you've always wanted to Surf

Do you want to surf Bondi?

Your visit to Australia will never be complete without a surf at Bondi Beach. Bondi is an excellent beach for surfing throughout the year. Due to the southerly position of Bondi Beach offshore winds help generate the breaks.

surfing at bondi beach

Photo Courtesy of Roger Sandall

Sea temperature in Bondi can range from about 15-25 Degree Celsius throughout the year averaging about 21 Degree Celsius in Summer

There's a shark net deployed about 150M from the beach!! be sure to read and understand all the beach regulations below.

Bondi Beach is a south facing beach that can create consistant surf conditions throughout the year. If you are interetsed in the current surf conditions at bondi, have a look at the information below.

Also, check out some of the Bondi Surf Pictures at the Gallery!

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For all you budding Mick Fanning's bring out the competitive edge in you by competing in one of the local surf Bondi events


Photo Courtesy of Roger Sandall

Waverly Council have set out Surf Guidelines for Beach Safety

Swimming in the ocean can be dangerous. In order to have a hassle free day at the beach it is advisable to:

  • Always swim between the flags because that is the safest area to swim in and is patrolled by experienced lifeguards.
  • If you are not an experienced swimmer don't swim alone. Swim with a friend or under supervision.
  • Don't swim under the influence of drugs or alcohol. (Most adults who drown in NSW are alcohol affected.)
  • Learn to recognise dangerous rips and waves. Often the beach has only gentle waves and currents but sometimes the waves or currents can be very powerful and overwhelm swimmers. It is important for beach swimmers to learn to recognise the strong currents (rips) and the dangerous waves.


Most people who need rescuing at the beach have been caught in a rip.

Rips can be recognised by the contrast with the surrounding sea. eg

  • If the sea is rough and white the rip is where there's a channel of calmer looking water.
  • If the sea is calm, the rip is where there's a channel of rippled water.
  • If caught in a rip

  • Don't panic and don't try and swim back in against the rip.
  • Put your hand up to attract a lifeguard's attention, who will come and rescue you.
  • More experienced swimmers can try swimming across the rip. When the rip has been crossed then swim into shore.

Dumpers and Surging Waves

Waves that don't break or waves that break very forcefully should be avoided.

Dumpers are waves that break with force, usually at low tide, in shallow water. The crest plunges straight down instead of rolling down. Dumpers can cause serious injury. Anyone who has been dumped can remember the powerful force that kept them pinned onto the sand with the water swirling over them. Waves that don't break at all (surging waves) can knock swimmers over and drag them out to sea.

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Learn to Surf at Bondi

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